Karnataka loves chaat more than Delhi: Google survey

Written By kom nampultig on Sabtu, 23 November 2013 | 07.20

BANGALORE: The chaat culture seems to have engulfed Karnataka. Google Trend analytics done on Indian street food shows that the state topped the charts in terms of searches made for the word `chaat' followed by Delhi and Maharashtra during the September-November festival period.

Samosa remained the favourite of the nation and in fact saw a sharp rise in the searches between October 20 and November 2. And Pav Bhaji too, emerges as the most searched street food in India but searches on it from Karnataka were stable during this period.

Call it the influence of the north or the cosmopolitanism, the state has sought for searches on Google on several types of `chaat' items. Chaat is a concept from Uttar Pradesh, where snacks that were generally prepared from every day food items like puffed rice, fried dough of semolina stuffed with potato mash and chillies.

This was very popular as a culture in north India and even in Pakistan where such delicious snack items were made by road side hawkers and priced at reasonable rates.

Google, one of the most popularly used search engines on internet analyses trends on searches on particular topics or words. As per one of such analytics done over street food searches, Samosa is the most loved evening snack for Indians from round the world with searches emerging from countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States.

It also says the surge in searches for Chaat items in Karnataka was seen a week prior to Diwali. Kachori, another fried stuffed dough made by road side stalls was searched more than Pav Bhaji during August 22- September 28 but end up at ranked fourth in priority list on Indian street food.

Tikki (a patisserie of smashed boiled potato mixed with spices) lost the battle of Chaats. It remained the least searched delicacy during the duration of the analysis.

Farhana Afroz, nutritionist, said, "Culturally Bangalore is becoming open and Bangaloreans are looking at convenient food like the ready to eat products. Stress levels are so high that people love to indulge in tasty and delicious food that makes them feel delighted for some time. Garbbing a bite seems easier like holding a slice of pizza and working rather than eating a Thali of rice, chapathi and curries. Chaat or junk food has high amount of salt and the oil is reused and of bad quality. This of course affects metabolism at young age and thus the rising case of metabolic syndromes in Bangalore. Obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and Dyslipidemia (abnormal amount of lipids like cholesterol, fat in the blood) are prevalent in good numbers in the city."

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Karnataka loves chaat more than Delhi: Google survey

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Karnataka loves chaat more than Delhi: Google survey

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