Why India is in hurry to buy Rafale jets

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India will now negotiate direct purchase of 36 Rafale jets from France through a government-to-government deal worth around $4 billion, without any "Make in India" or technology transfer component, to meet IAF's urgent "critical operational necessity" for new fighters.After Modi held extensive talks with French President Francois Hollande in Paris on Friday, it was announced that fresh commercial negotiations will now be held for the direct acquisition of two Rafale squadrons (each has 18 jets) in "flyaway" condition. Here is why India was in a hurry to buy Rafale jets:

IAF down to 34 squadrons

Indian Air Force is down to 34 squadrons where as it requires 44 squadrons to be at ease against China and Pakistan.


Obsolete MiG-21s and MiG-27s

IAF's operational 34 squadrons include obsolete MiG-21s & MiG-27s, which are slated for retirement from 2017 onwards.


Serviceability issue with Sukhoi-30MKIs

Serviceability of even new Sukhoi-30MKIs (200 inducted of 272 contracted for $12 billion) is just about 55%.


Huge delay in Tejas project

There has been huge delay in operationalization of India's indigenous Tejas light combat aircraft. Still, the final operational clearance for Tejas Mark-I is unlikely by December 2015. Tejas Mark-II will be ready only by 2021-2022.


Delay in 5th-Gen fighter jets

The Final R&D contract for joint development of Russian 5th-Gen fighter jets is yet to be inked.

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Why India is in hurry to buy Rafale jets

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Why India is in hurry to buy Rafale jets

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