Miley Cyrus’ most controversial outings

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Singer Miley Cyrus was seen dressed up as an Easter bunny and was joined by best friend Katy Weaver for the occasion. The duo shared a selfie on image-sharing website Instagram and rocked in Playboy bunny robes combined with polka-dot towels. The duo took an image in the bathroom and posed with their tongues out. They were also seen sporting the same necklaces. Weaver shared the same photograph on her Instagram and captioned it, "Hip Hoppy Happy Easter!!! #turntEaster @mileycyrus." [sic] Also getting into the Easter spirit, Cyrus's model-actor boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger posted a selfie on his micro-blogging website Twitter that showed him wearing a pair of bunny glasses. "Hmmmmmm," [sic] he tweeted alongside the selfie. Shortly thereafter, Patrick tweeted another photograph of him and other family members rocking the funny bunny glasses. "Daaaaa faaaaam," [sic] so read its accompanying tagline. (Image courtesy: Miley Cyrus' Instagram account)

Read further to know how Miley used her own tooth in a necklace... 

Miley Cyrus' most controversial outings



Singer-songwriter, Miley Cyrus has channeled her creativity to create a necklace made of her pulled-out tooth. Miley took to Instagram to post a picture showing a beaded multi-coloured chain made with her wisdom tooth. She captioned the picture as, "Made Meeeeesahhhh @waynecoyne5 #dirtyhippie necklace with my realllll life tooooof in it that's some exclusive a$$ DUDE NOW YIEW CAN CLONE ME.?" [sic] Along with this, the singer also shared pictures of her gauze and cheeks with ice-packs.

Read on to know how the singer got her tooth removed... 

Miley Cyrus' most controversial outings



Wild and wacky singer Miley Cyrus is in a lot of pain as she got five of her teeth removed during a dental session. The singer kept her fans updated about her situation by sharing a few pictures on Instagram. Cyrus tweeted "Save me. mizzy," [sic] along with the image showing her swollen mouth with ice packs placed beside her cheeks, as her mother laid by her side. Moreover, the diva went ahead to share the picture of the five teeth spotted with stains of blood, and wrote, "RIP. We feel you, girl. We really do."

But there is a place where Miley can be seen sporting her untouched jawline. Read on to know more… 

Miley Cyrus' most controversial outings



Miley Cyrus got waxed in March 2015! Madame Tussauds Las Vegas unveiled Miley's wax statue at the famous museum and the look has been inspired by her 2013 music video Wrecking Ball. Miley's wax figure is seen in a white tank top with combat boots, sitting atop the wrecking ball and holding the chain of the ball. The Hanna Montana star's wax figure and the ball are said to stand higher than 10 feet, with more than 20 artists working on it in a span of over 6 months, the report added.

While Miley has been immortalised, read on to find out which star kid does she plan to reportedly elope with! 

Miley Cyrus' most controversial outings



According to an IANS report, singer Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend, Patrick Schwarzenegger are reportedly thinking of eloping. According to the report, the 22-year-old, who is dating actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his former wife Maria Shriver's son since November last year, wants to marry him because she thinks she has found the one. However, it is also reported that Patrick's mother is allegedly still urging him to end things with Cyrus, as she and Arnold don't like Miley's party-girl image.

This is not the first time that the pop sensation has made headlines. Let's take a look at Miley Cyrus' most controversial outings... 

Miley Cyrus' most controversial outings



According to an IANS report, singer Miley Cyrus and beau Patrick Schwarzenegger went on a dinner date accompanied by the latter's mother Maria Shiver. She sat next to Cyrus and didn't seem to have problems with the relationship between the singer and her son. "They all looked like they were having a great time -- enjoying engaging conversation and laughing, It looked like Maria and Miley got along really well. The couple was affectionate towards each other when they left the dinner group and headed to the patio area. I saw her put her arm on his shoulder and then he put his arm around her, they were smiling a lot," an eyewitness was quoted as saying in the report.

Read on to know what the singer-actress did while holidaying with rumoured boyfriend, Patrick Schwarzenegger... 

Miley Cyrus' most controversial outings



According to an IANS report, singer Miley Cyrus, who is known for her weird and racy outfits, went topless while enjoying a day out with her beau Patrick Schwarzenegger at a beach in Hawaii. The 22-year-old wore only skimpy black bikini bottoms on her getaway this week, reported The duo was spotted laughing and splashing water at each other and taking breaks to hug and kiss each other, the IANS report further stated. Schwarzenegger showed off his physique in a pair of light blue swimming shorts, the report concluded. The couple has been romantically linked for the past three months.

This is not the first time that the pop sensation has caused an uproar with her appearance. Let's take a look at Miley's other controversial outings... 

Miley Cyrus' most controversial outings



The pop singer posted a picture of herself on Instagram where she is seen masturbating. Along with posting the picture, Miley also wrote, "A masturbate a day keeps the haters away." 

Miley Cyrus' most controversial outings



The actor-singer has posed naked for the cover of 'V' magazine. Shedding off her clothes doesn't seem to be an issue for this actress who has appeared in the nude on many earlier occasions as well. In the picture above, Miley appears to have covered only the essentials with the bare minimum. However, in the other pictures for the magazine, Miley is seen stark naked in a bubble bath with the froth placed strategically. 

Miley Cyrus' most controversial outings



The controversial pop music sensation is known for her rather audacious gestures. So it hardly comes as a surprise that Miley was seen biting off the head of a Barbie doll when she attended the Jeremy Scott and Moschino Party in association with Barbie. According to a report in Mid-day, the singer-actress was seen posing with a Barbie, dressed in a bright pink ensemble from Scott's Barbie collection for the Italian label Moschino. Being completely in her element, the singer took it a step ahead by eating the Barbie doll's head. 

Miley Cyrus' most controversial outings

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