As It Happened: BJP to hold rallies in favor of land bill

Written By kom nampultig on Minggu, 05 April 2015 | 08.20

BJP's national executive meeting has begun in Bengaluru today. Among the key issues, BJP plans to make the land bill a people's issue and fight the perception "created by the opposition" that it is 'anti-farmer'.
01:23 PM

BJP to hold nationwide rallies in support of land bill, 1st rally to be held in Ranchi on May 6

01:07 PM

Amit Shah at the BJP meet

01:06 PM

Search Rahul not our mistakes, BJP chief Amit Shah takes a dig at Congress

12:51 PM

BJP is a friend of farmers, it's a party of farmers, led by farmers. We worked for farmers & shall always

Prakash Javadekar, BJP

12:50 PM

Modi govt will be in power for the next 10-20 years, we are not going anywhere, Prakash Javadekar says

(ANI photo)

12:32 PM

More focus on 'Clean India' campaign, Javadekar says

12:30 PM

2014 was a year of victory for the BJP

Prakash Javadekar, BJP

12:29 PM

PM Modi wants BJP leaders to engage in activities outside the realm of politics as well

Prakash Javadekar, BJP

12:27 PM

Police detain youth Congress workers as massive protests erupt in Bengaluru

12:24 PM

Prakash Javadekar comments on BJP becoming the largest party

12:09 PM

It has been corruption free 10 months of governance: Amit Shah

12:05 PM

BJP NE will be a futile exercise, unless they decide on fate of people like Giriraj & Sakshi Maharaj

BK Hariprasad, Congress

12:03 PM

Cong's BK Hariprasad comments on BJP's national executive meet venue

11:52 AM

Congress workers protest outside BJP meet venue

11:39 AM

BJP national executive meet in Bengaluru

(ANI photo)

11:24 AM

Amit Shah addresses BJP national executive meet

11:10 AM

It has been corruption free 10 months of governance

Amit Shah

10:43 AM

Cong's PC Chacko comments on BJP's land acquisition policy

10:39 AM

Images from the BJP national executive meet venue

(ANI photo)

10:35 AM

PM Modi at the BJP national executive meet

10:30 AM

BJP's top brass at the national executive meet

10:29 AM

Inside visuals of BJP national meet

10:23 AM

BJP National Executive meeting begins in Bengaluru

10:22 AM

Inside visuals: BJP National Executive meeting underway in Bengaluru

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As It Happened: BJP to hold rallies in favor of land bill

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