Live blog: Nirbhaya insulted; Your say

Written By kom nampultig on Rabu, 04 Maret 2015 | 07.20

08:09 PM

'Why give freedom of speech to rape convicts?' asks Abhilash Mohapatra on Twitter

07:04 PM

Delhi police issues notice to not air interview of one of the convicts in Nirbhaya gang rape case, TOI reporter Raj Shekhar reports

Delhi Police has issued a public notice informing general public that court of chief metropolitan magistrate has passed an order that interview of one of the convicts in Nirbhaya gang rape case should not be uploaded/transmitted/aired in any form.

06:16 PM

Deepak N on Twitter

06:15 PM

Chethan Narayana Swamy on Facebook

Modi sarkar, the opposition and the media seem to be more outraged with how the BBC reporter gained access to the Dec 16 rapist while ignoring the patriarchal, chauvinist and misogynistic mindset, propogated by our feudal society, that underlines his outrageous comments. MHA trying to ban the broadcast of the documentary is alarming and idiotic at best. #NoCountryforWomen #NirbhayaInsulted #BanSyndrome

06:14 PM

Nikhil Mishra on Facebook

Such a disgrace to our nation really shaking my head in shame. The judicial system is equally responsible for it, why this delay in the judgement. I thought it was a fast track case imagine what will happen to normal cases. Court has no time for it cos it is busy with something else for god sake pls give your judgement, a step forward to stop these crimes

05:57 PM

Arun Ram on Twitter

05:27 PM

Joe Mickey on Facebook

Let the world hear the truth of the mind of a rapist animal. India should know the world waits and watches for India's men to finally rise and stand for equality and safety for every woman and girl in india. The journalist shows the truth and that truth must outrage every decent Indian man to say NEVER AGAIN.

05:27 PM

Cj Savi on Facebook

Wow who interviews a rapist? Why interview? giving him stardom? Really that girl is dead & the killers are still alive & not feelg any guilt? They should have been hung the same day!! Why is it not banned? Why such questionaire & responses of people saying 'banning or not banning tv interviews can't change, but Indian mindset shld change" ?? No1 gives a rapist & a murderer stardom!! If the girl was alive she wld hv committee suicide after seeing whats happg to her killer & what kind of government is this which has still let this killer alive & giving interviews? TOI instead of putting questionaire u need to remind & change the mindset of people!

05:26 PM

Jyoti Shankar Kar on Facebook

It is all in mind set and because of loophole in our syystem . system includes judiciary, police etc. law makers are criminal and sitting in parliament. how can they change this ..need to first stop all these criminals to enter to parliament. i am really thank ful to delhi who voted this time a clean politicans and expecting more from these guys. once they will prove, it would be easy for all of us to send good politicians to parliament....

05:23 PM

It's about freedom of speech, says Neetu Garg on Twitter.

04:41 PM

Durga Ganesh on Facebook

Look at his attitude even though he is punished to hang till death! I don't think these accused who hv committed heinous crimes shud be banned from taking interviews instead they shud be punished heinously . he deserves a lot more than hanging till death n instead he shud tortured in a heinous manner n he shud beg to be killed. Its the judicial system that shud change with respect to time

04:32 PM

Home ministry convenes meeting of top officials including Delhi LG and police on the issue of Nirbahya documentary.

04:31 PM

Home ministry plans legal action against documentary filmmaker for violating stipulated permission conditions.

04:31 PM

What a gift to women on women's day by indian media!

04:29 PM

She is insulted every time a woman is insulted

04:28 PM

Banning documentary is like breaking a mirror because you didn't like your reflection

04:23 PM

Home ministry asks BBC, MEA, I&B ministry and department of IT to ensure that the documentary on Nirbhaya is not broadcast.

04:22 PM

Who will be benefited by watching a pervert's perverted arguments?

04:22 PM

Person convicted of such atrocities getting platform to justify his act!?

03:47 PM

Now, home minister Rajnath Singh has summoned Delhi Police commissioner BS Bassi over Nirbhaya documentary issue.

03:46 PM

Rajyavardhan Rathore tweets on Nirbhaya film

03:39 PM

Documentary provides a platform for the Nirbhaya rapist

03:39 PM

Banning video is just a way to tell yourself "all is well"

03:38 PM

Govt embarrassed by documentary but not by rape culture

03:15 PM

Saddest part is many Indian men will find themselves in agreement with rapist

02:54 PM

Documentary on December 16 gang-rape victim Nirbhaya banned on the internet too. Cops can act if the film is aired, Delhi court says.

02:48 PM

Shinde threatens Times Now reporter when questioned about Nirbhaya documentary

02:48 PM

Times Now has accessed letter that shows that permission to interview Nirbhaya rape convicts was granted by the home ministry when Sushil Kumar Shinde was the home minister.

02:44 PM

Delhi court upholds ban on Nirbhaya documentary.

02:42 PM

Sudha Joshi on Facebook

The debate in Parliament is the most infuriating part of this issue. They conveniently shift focus from the real issue and debate things like, why was a rapist interviewed or if it was legal. The interview does not give a platform to the rapist, it only shows us starkly in face what a monster he is and that his type of thinking is shared by many roaming free in our society. In the BBC report it is also mentioned that the documentary maker also interviewed other rapists as part of her documentary on women in India. One other rapist was convicted of raping a 5 year old and he said that it doesn't matter that he raped her, that she is a beggar girl so her life has no value...But I don't hear anyone screaming to "defend" her. Everyone knows this is how the rapist thinks, but when similar sentiments were echoed by the defence lawyer on national TV, he wasn't penalised for it. In fact news channels like Times Now did not hesitate to capitalise on it. But if the interview is aired hopefully it will show those with this mindset that they share the mindset of a rapist. In my opinion this interview only strengthens the case against him, it shows that the death penalty really should be carried out as quickly as possible.

02:41 PM

Svd Chandrasekhar on Facebook

How is the documentary controversial? It only highlights the rot in the mindset! It shows the depravity of these people. It amuses me how people are commenting about the docu without even seeing it. The maker has already said that no where js justification given for rape. It only exposes the depravity of the mentality of manY people in our country.

02:41 PM

Leslie Baker on Facebook

The mindset of the rapist reflects the mindset of the society he belongs to. The BBC documentary explores the mindset of Indian men to create awareness against such sick crimes. The whole world needs to be sensitized against the mindset of such men. It is high time that Indians should come out of their denial and accept that something is seriously wrong with their mindset. So, Indians should embrace the bitter truth open-heartedly and change their misogynistic mindset.

02:36 PM

Convict interview violates programming code: I&B ministry

Amidst the controversy sparked by the interview of one of the December 16 gang-rape convicts and with the government taking a serious view of the matter, the I&B ministry on Wednesday declared that the said content was "violative" of programming code and advised TV channels to see to it that the norms were not violated.

02:25 PM

Banning video is just a way to tell yourself "all is well"

02:25 PM

Nirbhya is not insulted becoz her culprits are still alive to give such interviews

02:22 PM

Former home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde denies giving permission to journalists to shoot Nirbhaya documentary.

02:19 PM

Have spoken to I&B ministry, wrote letter to MEA. The responsibility will be fixed.

Rajnath Singh

02:13 PM

The government will conduct an inquiry to find who gave permission from ministry and jail authorities, will fix responsibility. The govt is serious on this: Venkaiah Naidu

02:12 PM

It is Nirbhaya revisited and of an absolute bizarre kind. In an interview given to a British documentary maker, one of the convicts who raped and brutally murdered the hapless girl on the night of December 16, 2012, Mukesh Singh, instead of being remorseful for his barbaric act, says it was the girl's fault. She should not have resisted and fought back when she was being raped. That way, she would not have been killed.

02:08 PM

Venkaiah Naidu on Nirbhaya documentary

01:48 PM

Atul Gupta on Facebook

While I agree that the accused lodged in Tihar Jail for a heinous crime like rape should not have been given permission for interview, the senior most Police Officer of Delhi says it is as per the rules. While Government may like to review the rules for permission and take appropriate measures for future, this particular interview must be banned and Government ensure this.

01:48 PM

Yachna Mehta on Facebook:

True i was deeply appalled that how could a person who has committed one of the most heinous crimes gets to express his statements...I mean come on statements are taken from respected and reliable people of the society not such criminals... To top it all the statement is released!! Ashamed!!

01:48 PM

Rajagopal V U Raju on Facebook

Boycott those channels. Those who encourage rapists directly or indirectly, "Hang 'Em High."

01:48 PM

Siba Prasad Pradhan on Facebook

While speaking to BBC Four from his cell in an interview that appears in 'India's Daughter', a BBC Storyville documentary, Mukesh Singh, the rapist, said that a girl is 'far more responsible for rape' than a boy. He said housework and housekeeping was the domain of girls and they had no rights to roam or visit discos and bars at night. "They are doing wrong things, wearing wrong clothes," he said, and added that only '20 percent' of the girls were good. Singh added that executing him and the other convicts in the case will further endanger rape victims as now, when girls are raped, they will not leave the victim but will kill her. He showed no remorse for the attack, which he referred to as an 'accident'. Does this sick mentality person deserve to live ?

01:47 PM

Akash Agarwal on Facebook

Don't know when you media people will learn this and stop making celebs out of such animals.. Shame on the Media!

01:47 PM

Swati Bhorkar Gandhe on Facebook

Only those people who have something positive and inspirational to offer should be interviewed .. !! What an interviewer wants to know from a rapist ..???

01:30 PM

I was hurt, spoke to authorities and took steps to stop broadcast: Home minister on Nirbhaya documentary

01:27 PM

Ruckus in Parliament over documentary on Nirbhaya rape case

01:24 PM

Union home minister Rajnath Singh has summoned the DG of Tihar Jail in connection with the Nirbhaya documentary.

01:17 PM

Essential to debate sick mindset of men who rape: Kiran Bedi

01:11 PM

No man wishes to reflect on their own culpability

01:11 PM

Nirbhaya not insulted by this interview

01:00 PM

It's important to know rapist's mind

12:58 PM

We have to confront the real issue that men in India do not respect women: Anu Aga in Rajya Sabha

12:56 PM

Niranjan Krishnamurthy on Facebook

India should stop banning every other thing. We need to face our challenges head on instead of hiding the head like an ostrich.

12:56 PM

Narayan Prabhu on Facebook

Persons convicted of heinous crime should be segregated in the prison and they should be barred from giving interviews. There must be strict jail procedure which also prevents the interviewers, media persons from engaging or publicizing any interviews, discussions with such persons convicted of crime. Any interviewer violating the strict jail procedure should be tried; for this purpose, first an Ordinance, followed by a Law must be in place/ enacted. This may be a priority requirement to prevent such recurrence.

12:55 PM

Suraj Godhwani on Facebook

I think the interview should go ahead and be made public so the people know the kind of personalities that exist in our country. And people like the rapist will also know that they have been exposed. I dont belive in moral policing but such rapists need to be exposed. Their psyche needs to be exposed. Such people could be camouflaged as your trusted chef of many years, or your watchman or your driver. Atleast people will know that they cant trust anyone but themselves with their kid.

12:54 PM

Feeling anguished

12:53 PM

Language and thinking in documentary very violent

12:51 PM

Clearly shows he is not remorseful about it

12:50 PM

"Freedom of Expression" doesn't allow one to be insensitive

12:48 PM

It's a real insult of all rape victims

12:47 PM

A true reflection of the minds of most males in India

12:47 PM

Misogyny runs deep in our psyche

12:40 PM

Brijnder Mohan Kapoor on Facebook: Such interviews should be allowed only to psychologists or academicians for research for peeping into the mind of a criminal. As a matter of course, they should be banned.

12:39 PM

Jasmine Johnson on Facebook: If these culprits were hanged. this would not have happened.

12:38 PM

When BBC went to Tihar to interview rapist, what was government doing?

12:36 PM

Why give the accused so much attention

12:33 PM

Union home minister Rajnath Singh on Wednesday made a statement in the Rajya Sabha on the issue of telecast of the controversial interview of Nirbhaya's rapist. The home minister said the permission conditions were violated by the documentary maker.

12:21 PM

Sana Ali Khan on TOI Facebook: "India hai bhai, kuch b possible hai."

12:15 PM

No remorse, will do again

12:14 PM

I see only ruthlessness

12:13 PM

Perpetrator has no remorse!

12:12 PM

Physically matured does not justify maturity

11:56 AM

While the Nirbhaya documentary shows the rapists blaming the woman, some of the defence lawyers in the case have been no less upfront in accusing her for the crime. Speaking to TOI, advocate ML Sharma stood by the statements he made in the interview.

11:55 AM

It is bizarre that a person convicted of brutal rape, murder gets a platform to justify his act. Tweet your reactions to @timesofindia with #NirbhayaInsulted. You can post your reactions on TOI's Facebook page.

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