IAS officer DK Ravi's death: 5 unanswered questions

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The death of 35-year-old IAS officer DK Ravi, who was found hanging in his residence on March 16, has triggered several questions regarding the motive. It has also caused widespread public outrage over the way the case has been handled with politicians floating personal angle to the suicide theory. As the probe falters, protests mount and politics comes into play, TOI looks at the theories, counter theories and unanswered questions surrounding the death.

Why was suicide theory floated before probe?

Controversy was stirred on day one when city police commissioner MN Reddi claimed it was prima facie suicide within hours of the incident being reported and a day before the postmortem was conducted.

The postmortem findings the next day revealed Ravi died of suffocation, which may have been caused either by strangling or hanging, punching holes in the suicide theory.


Was there a death note?

No suicide note was found and officer had behaved normally with family and colleagues that morning.

Later there were revelations that a note did exist and that it is in police custody.


Why are other angles being ignored?

Ravi, who is regarded as an honest officer, had run-ins with land and sand mafia in Kolar and with tax-evading builders in Bengaluru.

So far these angles have not been investigated, with selective leaks and ruling party politicians insinuating only at personal reasons behind 'suicide'.


Why was CID officer removed and then reinstated?

A day after the death, Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah defended CID's credentials to probe the matter and said the CBI is no paragon of excellence.

But hours after ordering a CID probe, the government moved out a reputed officer Pronab Mohanty from the agency. The very next day, he was reinstated after pressure from the public and media.


Why is probe floundering?

Five days since Ravi's death, police sources say CCTV images at his residence and his mobile calls are yet to be analyzed, visceral samples and body fluids are yet to reach the forensic lab, while selective leaks are seen to hamper the probe.

Even as the government reiterated that it will not hand over the probe to CBI, the move appears likely on Monday with the CM set to announce it on the floor of the House.

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