Delhi Police chief briefs govt on Rahul 'snooping' issue

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12:32 PM

"Don't invent issue just because you are short on issues," Arun Jaitley tells Congress in Lok Sabha

12:30 PM

Congress president Sonia Gandhi's profile has been updated four times in 1998, 2004, 2009 and 2012

12:28 PM

There was a game plan in this. This shows which direction our nation is being taken in by BJP

Kamal Nath, Congress leader

12:23 PM

Profiling of 526 VVIPs till now including present and former PMs have been done till now, Venkaiah Naidu informs

12:18 PM

Govt already has all the information about Rahul Gandhi through SPG. Then what is the need of such pro forma?

Mallikarjun Kharge, Congress leader

12:12 PM

Congress raises 'snooping' issue in Lok Sabha

11:57 AM

Watch: Jaitley intervenes in 'Rahul' snooping debate, rebuts charge

11:53 AM

A former PM (Rajiv Gandhi) was identified by his shoes after his assassination. Therefore inquiry in pro forma on shoe size. Each information is relevant

Arun Jaitley

11:50 AM

Watch: Congress raises Rahul 'snooping' matter in Rajya Sabha

11:44 AM

Opposition walks out of Rajya Sabha

Opposition walks out of Rajya Sabha over 'snooping' issue

11:37 AM

This practice started during Congress govt in 1997, Arun Jaitley informs RS

11:36 AM

Govt lists out names of VIPs profiled by police

11:35 AM

Govt defends security profiling of leaders

Arun Jaitley says security profiling is a routine exercise and several leaders have been subjected to this exercise in the past.

11:34 AM

Delhi police special branch conducts activity of profiling of all VIPs & public figures, it has nothing to do with snooping

Arun Jaitley

11:30 AM

Snooping is keeping a watch on someone silently, visiting someone's office and asking staff to fill out pro forma is not snooping

Arun Jaitley

11:28 AM

Watch: PM Modi, Sonia Gandhi filled Rahul-type forms

11:27 AM

Govt slams opposition

Opposition is making mountain of what is not even a molehill, Arun Jaitley says

11:26 AM

Arun Jaitley responds to opposition attack

Gossip should not be treated as facts and raised in Parliament, Arun Jaitley says

11:25 AM

SP leader Naresh Agrawal alleges that govt is tapping phones of important people

11:25 AM

Watch: Venkaiah Naidu dismisses 'snooping' allegation

11:23 AM

What are they (Congress) talking about? They were snooping on me, Advani ji, Amit Shah ji and Narendra Modi ji

Venkaiah Naidu

11:21 AM

Political freedom is diminishing in the country

Ghulam Nabi Azad.

11:19 AM

They (govt) are trying to save their skin

Madhusudan Mistry, Congress leader

11:17 AM

Congress demands statement from home minister

Congress wants home minister to make a statement in Rajya Sabha over the alleged snooping of political leaders

11:16 AM

The way inquiry was conducted in absence of Rahul Gandhi creates doubt, says BSP leader Mayawati

11:13 AM

Rahul 'snooping' issue in Parliament

Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad raises Rahul 'snooping' issue in Rajya Sabha

11:13 AM

Security officials conduct such routine inquiries to ensure security of public figures

Mayawati, BSP leader

11:10 AM

I've been under Z-plus security for 19 years, no such routine security check was conducted on me

Ghulam Nabi Azad

11:04 AM

Minister of state for home Rijiju likely to make statement in Parliament.

11:04 AM

Delhi Police chief briefs Kiren Rijiju

Delhi Police chief BS Bassi briefs MoS home Kiren Rijiju. Rijiju likely to make statement in Parliament.

11:03 AM

Government is in no way involved in this, Venkaiah Naidu says

10:45 AM

Intent was wrong in the first place. Are we running a colonial govt that we need to profile political leaders?

Cong leader Manish Tewari

10:44 AM

Opposition gives notice in Rajya Sabha to discuss 'snooping' row

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