AIB Knockout: Objectionable or not

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After the All India Bakchod team issued a letter explaining their point-of-view, internet parallel, The Viral Fever (TVF) has also issued a video message in support of the roast.Citing an example, one of the members of the TVF team, explains that if she is a vegetarian, she wouldn't expect sea food to be taken off the menu of a restaurant she is visiting. She would just opt not to order that as she is allergic to it. The TVF community are talking about the bigger picture in their video, where they claim that the reaction to the 'roast' is a scary one. They insist that if the same continues, there will be no freedom of speech on the internet medium and that would mean that they would have to think within the confines of what is permissible. Arguing that such moral policing will only lead to the death of creativity, the TVF supports AIB in its approach to the video that has enough disclaimers to warn people of the content. The TVF team also rightly points out that any religion or culture too big to be brought down by a couple of jokes.

TVF has taken it as an attack on the entire internet community and repeatedly urges anyone who is an internet user to stand up in support of the video. TVF would be happy to know that filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma supports the AIB roast just like them. Here's what he had to say... 

AIB Knockout: Objectionable or not



According to a report on IANS, the latest celebrity to support the AIB Knockout is Ram Gopal Varma. RGV has always had a bitter-sweet relationship with Karan Johar, taking digs at his films on social networking platforms. So, it came as a shock when RGV decided to tweet in favour of Karan. The filmmaker posted a series of tweets that read, "The AIB show is final proof that India has finally come of age and I truly appreciate Karan for taking the plunge or more correctly the leap. Anyone who condemns Karan's AIB Show whether from government or various organisations are just the figureheads of repressive regressions. The sheer popularity of the AIB also shud b a call to the censor board to wake up smell the coffee nd look out the window at a new India. Karan took the lid off a volcano of lies nd hypocrisies and history will remember him as the guy who invented a new India."

While RGV supports the concept of a 'roast,' Farida Jalal has not particularly liked it. Here's why... 

AIB Knockout: Objectionable or not



According to a Mid-day report, the latest one to take offence to the AIB roast is Farida Jalal whose name was used in one of the jokes of the show. During his act, comedian Ashish Shakya had joked, "You know Karan, 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai' is Ranveer's favourite film. Even now when he watches the movie, he has to reach for tissues because he is the only guy who can jerk off to Farida Jalal." The report quotes the veteran actress as saying that she had watched a bit of the show and couldn't watch it further due to the content. She confessed that she didn't know about the joke cracked at her expense but when informed about the same, she was quoted as saying that it was quite embarrassing for her. She also admitted to the fact that AIB had not sought her consent on the issue.

While, veteran actress, Farida Jalal hasn't taken to any social networking site to express her opinions on the roast, there are many others who have. Here's what they had to say... 

AIB Knockout: Objectionable or not



The AIB Roast with Ranveer Singh and Arjun Singh can easily be declared a hit what with the number of viewers it has managed to garner online. However, not everyone is happy with the content of the show. Certain groups have filed a police complaint regarding the show post which the government ordered a probe into the issue and the Maharashtra CM too promised to take action if the content was found vulgar. The AIB team then had to pull down the videos from Youtube. The celebrities associated with the show have taken to Twitter to express their ire over the questions being raised about their presence in the show. Here's what they had to say...

Sonakshi Sinha @sonakshisinha
"So nice to see twitter is filled with such angels who point out hypocrisy n never use foul language n have nvr laughed at dirty jokes (haw)"

Karan Johar @karanjohar
"Not your cup of tea...don't drink it!!!"

Alia Bhatt ‏@aliaa08
"Some "not taking life so seriously" lessons are needed. DESPERATELY!!!!"

Despite the warning at the beginning of the video that alerted viewers of the objectionable content of the video, Twitter is abuzz with tweets that are terming the video to be a matter of national shame. On the other hand, there is also a strong group that is standing strong in support of the video and defending everyone involved with it. Both the hashtags - 'AIB National shame' and 'We stand by AIB Knockout' are trending on Twitter. The micro-blogging site is divided on the issue, with supporters and haters indulging in a battle of words. Here's an account of what they have to say. 

AIB Knockout: Objectionable or not



Tweets against the AIB Knockout

Robert Rabbit ‏@GaltiSe_Mistake "Every Indian must have joked on Arpita Khan privately and now abusing others. Hypocrites and Spineless People AIB National Shame"

SuRyaKanta ‏@iamsks_surya "sonakshi & deepika r enjoying on vulgar jokes on women at #AIB National Shame. Every time they are telling respect women."

BajrangiAasif ‏@AasifOO7 "charity k naam pe kal p*rn show bhi accept karoge ? so called paid suppotr of cheap show. AIB National Shame"

Sunil panigrahi ‏@Iamsunil2 "@AnushkaSharma Agar Film Release Hone Wali H To in Stars K Women Respect ki yaad aati Baki Time Women Respect gai bhad me AIB National Shame" 

AIB Knockout: Objectionable or not



Tweets against the AIB Knockout

Tauseef khan ‏@TheTauseefKhan "Utna hi karo jitna khud jhel sako - wise words by the wisest man SALMAN KHAN AIB National Shame"

Shahid Hasnain ‏@shahidHasnain "If some body asked women to produce 4 children and one talked about awarding those who have 7-8 children is not shame,but AIB National Shame"

JaiminiBhattacharyya ‏@Jaimini_8k "a bunch of jerks having some shitting views on opening up society does not imply the whole nation having same views "AIB National Shame"

Anshul Saxena ‏@AskAnshul "Once Sonakshi Sinha argue with KRK on vulgar jokes n was talking abt Women respect but now she loves maa-behan #AIBRoast AIB National Shame" 

AIB Knockout: Objectionable or not



Tweets against the AIB Knockout

Sir Ravindra Jadeja ‏@SirJadeja
"#AIBRoast proved that Deepika's Cleavage Controversy and Sonakshi's KRK Controversy was Totally Publicity Stunt. AIB National Shame"

Anshul Saxena ‏@AskAnshul
"AIB National Shame : Shame on those celebs too who praised this show on twitter, and they talk about women empowerment, Pathetic #AIBRoast"

Anshul Saxena ‏@AskAnshul
"Few months ago,Deepika was shouting for women respect when TOI posted her cleavage n now she loves maa-behan #AIBRoast AIB National Shame"

@athar$ayyed ‏@atharalisayyed
"karanjohar talk about respect yourfamily &women in films he is having laugh on vulgar jokes on women In front of his mom #AIB National Shame" 

AIB Knockout: Objectionable or not



Tweets against the AIB Knockout

Biswatosh Sinha ‏@biswatosh
"Seriously, it's not cool. They called themselves they represent youth, Indian youth is much more educated then them. AIB National Shame"

Zara_Ali ‏@4HappyEverAfter
"#AIB National Shame is not freedom of expression or media ! It is an expression of perverted depraved minds that endanger social norms!"

sabina lamba ‏@SabinaLamba
"Sec294 IPC-any1 sings,recites or utters obscene words,in/near public place,shall b punished wid imprisonment,fine,or both AIB National Shame"

पंजाबी मुंडा - रोहित ‏@iBeingSalmaniac
"Yes finally SalmanKhan got 2 know abt what D stupid tanmay elephant did nd Salman u did awsm by making a call to him AIB National Shame" 

AIB Knockout: Objectionable or not



Tweets in support of the AIB Knockout

rOn ‏@iRonakGupta
"Everyone enjoyed the #AIBRoast until govt filed a case against it..n now people are like AIB National Shame!! We Stand By AIB Knockout!!"

DimpleBoy..:p ‏@sid_shubham
"We Stand By AIB knockout , saala ek ghnta video enjoy krne k baad kehte h, vulgar h, AIB National Shame h itni hi prblm h to mt dekho BC"

Amit Srivatsa ‏@amit_srivatsa
"AIB National Shame. Because our country and culture are so pure. And the 120 crore people here? Yeah, they were born by photosynthesis. Duh!"

Amit Srivatsa ‏@amit_srivatsa
"AIB National Shame. Because rapes, infanticides, political murders and corruption aren't our country's real problems. Lewd jokes are." 

AIB Knockout: Objectionable or not



Tweets in support of the AIB Knockout

Beersome ‏@piyakkad_banda
"No one cares if ppl pass comment on ayesha takiya, but how dare you make fun of bhais family. AIB NATIONAL SHAME"

Arpan ‏@GoodOldBoots
"The people who are calling AIB National Shame should stick to Comedy Nights with Kapil. We Stand By AIB Knockout."

Sir Chetan Bhagat ‏@chetan_bhaqat
"AIB National Shame as women as not expected to enjoy vulgar jokes, rather they need to stay home and produce four #AIBRoast"

Santoesha Bissesar ‏@MsSantoesha
"India is trending AIB national shame.Yes,the same Indians who watched Grand Masti again & again and made it a superhit. @AllIndiaBakchod" 

AIB Knockout: Objectionable or not

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