Live: Congress reacts on Jayanthi's explosive letter

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Former UPA minister Jayanthi Natarajan has publicly revolted against the Gandhis. According to a news report, Natarajan wrote a lengthy letter to Congress leader Sonia Gandhi where she expressed her "mental agony" and "humiliation". Stay with TOI for live updates.
05:04 PM

Natarajan is factually wrong, says Singhvi

04:59 PM

Perhaps Natarajan wants to follow the pro-rich policy of the present regime: Singhvi

04:57 PM

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi never interfered in the functioning of any ministry. Allegations made are absolutely false to the ground and Rahul Gandhi or Soniaji at no point interfered with the discharge of the duties of any minister, including the PM (Manmohan Singh): M Veerappa Moily

04:53 PM

These are baseless allegations, she has no facts. Why did she kept quiet then? Jayanthi Natarjan speaking up now clearly shows that she has been promised some kind of benefit from another party

Shobha Oza, Congress spokesperson

04:52 PM

It's wrong that Soniaji or Rahulji ever interfered in functioning of UPA govt, Ministers were free to take decisions. Rahulji would be the last person to interfere in the functioning of a Ministry, if he wanted to, he would have become a minister or PM himself

Digvijaya Singh, Cong leader

04:50 PM

Jayanthi acting at the behest of her new "political masters" who may have got evidence against her

Abhishek Manu Singhvi, Cong leader

04:48 PM

Serious allegations of corruption behind removal of Jayanthi Natarajan from the then UPA govt: Congress

04:47 PM

She was removed on the basis of allegations of corruption, but concrete proof wasn't available: Abhishek Manu Singhvi

04:44 PM

The timing of this letter is questionable considering that Delhi polls are around the corner: Abhishek Manu Singhvi

04:43 PM

Same politicians who are behind this letter are also behind the timing of the release of this letter: Congress

04:43 PM

This letter is nothing but an 'image bachao abhiyan': Abhishek Manu Singhvi

04:42 PM

Ms. Natarajan appears to be in a minority of one in protesting that she does not know the reason for her removal. She has never, in written or verbally, articulated concerns that she has now over her terms as minister: Singhvi

04:42 PM

The parties and corporates at whose instance Jayanthi Natarajan wrote the letter coined the term 'Jayanthi tax': Congress

04:42 PM

Perhaps Natarajan wants to follow the pro-rich, pro-corporate policy of the present regime: Singhvi

04:42 PM

Saddening that someone who got 4 terms in govt chose to release a diatribe which is untrue: Abhishek Manu Singhvi on Natarajan

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