Need law to bring back money stashed abroad, Modi says

Written By kom nampultig on Selasa, 19 November 2013 | 07.20

ALWAR, RAJASTHAN: India needs a law to bring back black money stashed abroad, BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi said on Tuesday, as he hit out at the Congress government in Rajasthan.

Saying the corrupt were depositing their ill-gotten wealth in foreign banks, Modi told an election rally here that the country must get to know details of bank accounts held abroad by Indians.

Questions should be asked from all Indians who hold foreign bank accounts as to where they got their money and how, he said.

Modi's ire was mainly directed at Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot, who will lead the Congress to assembly elections due on December 1.

Modi accused the Rajasthan government of sleeping "for almost 55 months" and waking up just before the elections.

"The state needs a government that works for all the 60 months," the Gujarat chief minister thundered.

He said even high court judges had made negative comments about the Gehlot government.

He said the Congress government in the state was to blame for the large number of atrocities on tribals and women.

A large number of people in Rajasthan were without potable water, and the condition of roads were among the worst in the country, he said.

"Your own governor has criticized the quality of roads...

"Over 40 communal riots have taken place in the state and some ministers of your government are behind bars on different allegations," he said.

Modi wondered why Gehlot kept comparing Rajasthan with Gujarat. It would be better if he focused on developing the state.

"We (Gujarat) have been praised by all and we do not need a certificate from Rajasthan's chief minister," he said. "God save the country from Ashok Gehlot's ways of governance."

Modi urged Rajasthan to vote for a change.

"Please remember that when you vote on Dec 1, you are not voting for a MLA or a government but you are voting for the future of Rajasthan.

"You will decide how Rajasthan will develop in times to come."

As for the Congress, he said it would not survive beyond the 2014 general election.

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Need law to bring back money stashed abroad, Modi says

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Need law to bring back money stashed abroad, Modi says

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Need law to bring back money stashed abroad, Modi says

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